Mirror / 鏡像

Jeanne Boden & Sanny Winters
Jeanne Boden & Sanny Winters, 2020

How can we visualize cultural differences and alternative reference frameworks? Artist Sanny Winters and artist-sinologist Jeanne Boden decided to do it with aesthetics, philosophy and poetry. They created the book MIrror, a book about East and West, Plato and Zhuangzi, but most of all about how we look at ourselves.


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Photography © Koen Broos


Mirror, a mind-blowing pearl

Hans Boffel, Knack, 10/2/2021


This wonderful book shows in words and images that 'difference' is in our own head, not in the others'.

Dieter Troubleyn, Actor, General Manager Long Run


Wow! nice size, nice paper, nice printing, nice binding. And nice content too!

David Hyde, Studio Hyde, UK


Refined and elegant, both text and design. Intense and exquisite

Piet Creve, Researcher at Amsab Institute of Social History


Everything you have done in your life comes together in this book

Dirk Van Braeckel, Head of Department Public Health Ugent


A book to cherish and to never put out of sight

Bart Dauwe, Partner at ChESS NV (China Europe Strategy Solutions)


Once again a pearl! Not only a gorgeous book but also one that makes your brain 'click'

Leen Creve, Journalist

A striking book ... it touches deeply - magnificent

Anne Devos, Marketing Manager Tiberghien

Impressive, fascinating, and marvelous

Diego Franssen, Photographer