Artist's statement

I am a multidisciplinary artist (oil painter, photographer, writer, poet) and art scholar specialized in contemporary Chinese art. My work, and life, is deeply inspired by my lifelong immersion in Asia and Asian art and aesthetics (aesthetic principles, landscape painting). I love to paint with powerful bold brushstrokes and I like to make use of 'emptiness' in my work. Since the 1990s I have been building an archive of images from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, and from other places around the world that I have researched. For me, creating art means the interplay between photography, painting, and writing. 


Besides Asian aesthetics , I am interested in power, in powershifts, in how dictators rise to power by myth building and the readiness of the masses to blindly serve and follow, in the tipping point - a split second - in which everything turns around and mighty power falls into pieces, and in the role of art in that process. Those in power will always fear the tipping point; those fighting for it always know they will win; free spirits have endless power. 


I am also interested in ancestor worship, in death and its relation with how people look at life, in rituals people perform for consulting ancestors and for being with the dead, in the relation between existential pain and beauty and creativity, and in the strength of intuition. 


My artwork is held in private collections in the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Hong Kong, and China.

My literary work is listed on

I am a regular guest of the national and international media (television, radio, art magazines).

  • M.A.R.C. My brother died. His torment turned tranquility. His spirit into mine.


    My brother died.
    His torment turned tranquility.
    His spirit into mine.