Pluriversal Worlds in a Grain of Sand


Pluriversal World in a Grain of Sand  (Jeanne Boden, Rik Pinxten, eds.) presents artists and contributors in the exhibitions Nizhoni. Walking in Beauty (Pilar, Brussels, 2022) and Pluriversal Worlds in a Grain of Sand (Zebra, Ghent, 2022).
The book with color photographs offers a collage of art, poetry, literary and academic texts.


World in a Grain of Sand refers to interconnectedness of all things: humans, animals, trees and plants, nature, oceans, skies, earth, time, space, contemporaneity, and tradition, and present, past, and future.

Pluriversal refers to pluriversality: the coexistence of different knowledge systems, instead of universality. When different knowledge systems meet and interact all will be enriched.


This book is a prime example of sustainable respectful collaboration between engaged people from around the world.