Artist Hilma af Klint (1962-1944) was born to the North of Stockholm. She has now been credited as the pioneer of abstract art. A considerable body of her abstract artwork was created before Wassily Kandinsky started to make abstract paintings. Hilma’s work is full of symbols reflecting her connection with nature and with the spiritual realm, inspired by both Eastern and Western ideologies. In the year 1906 alone, Hilma af Klint created 193 abstract artworks, many of them huge in size, most of them in bright colors.


Research has shown that during her lifetime she exhibited her work. Why did art history overlook Hilma af Klint as the first abstract painter? Is it because art history is written by men about men? Who decides on the canon? 

Hilma af Klint’s art has been referred to as ‘Paintings for the Future’. Since its disclosure it has been exhibited around the world at places like the Guggenheim, MoMa, Centre Pompidou, the Venice Biennial, Pinacoteca de Estado the Sao Paulo and more. 2020 was the right moment to pay tribute to Hilma. As a female artist sharing a holistic view and connection with Asia, and sharing love for strong colorful work, I have created two oil paintings to enter into dialogue with Hilma af Klint. To transmit powerful energy reminiscent of her, I have used circular shapes in these works, just as she used to do. 

(Artwork created for exhibition Nexus Nordlichter. Im Dialog mit nordischen Kulturwelten, Haus Metternich Koblenz 2020)