I am a nomad. I have been traveling all of my life, quite often alone. I love to wander around and slowly absorb the reality around me. I need to distance myself from the everyday to be able to think, write and create. Staying in places not familiar to me for a length of time is always inspiring. It feeds my endless curiosity and gives me a sense of freedom.


In 2020 when we were confined to our homes due to the corona virus, I started my Nomad Project Postcard Paintings. As time went by and the crisis endured, confining us to our houses, our regions, our countries, I decided to expand the Nomad Project to 365 Postcard Paintings. 


The project was launched and first exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art - SMAK - in Ghent.


The exhibition will be 'traveling' and slowly but surely, as people from different places discover the Nomad Project Postcard Paintings, they will spread into all directions across the globe.

I feel certain that I share this nomad nature with many people. This project symbolizes our need for freedom.