Our nomad soul is hidden deep down inside of us, always in search of space and freedom.

My nomad soul made me commute between Asia and Europe throughout my life. I love Asian cities. I cycled the streets of Beijing, I walked, roamed and wandered across Asia, alone.

David's nomad spirit made him commute between the UK, Belgium and Italy throughout his life. He cycled and cycled and roamed and wandered, alone.


I photographed Asia. For over 20 years, David has carefully selected my pictures - inserting them into texts I have written, composing many beautiful books.

In 2020 David created a photographic record of his bicycle trips, creating another beautiful book: One Man, Two Wheels, Four Years, 6,712 Miles (and more to come!). I interacted with his photographs in my own way: oil paint.


Cycling through space and time is a dialogue between photography and oil paint. It is an art project of closely synced aesthetic buddies cycling through space and time, balancing cycles of life. It is a celebration of nomad connection and lifelong friendship.



My nomad soul


Whirling wheels

Swiftly sweeping

Calmly keeping

My rhythm


My nomad soul


Through space and time


My vagabond ritual

Carrying me



Mellow meadows

Forest flowers

Crossing currents

River tides

Rocky ravines











Jeanne Boden

19/08/2021 (Poem written for: Cycling through space and time)


This is a Boden & Hyde project. It comprises poems, texts, photographs (60x60cm, David Hyde), oil paintings (60x60cm, Jeanne Boden).